OMKS brand design colour smoke


OMKS, Japan

OMKS is a software and automation design business based in Japan.

OMKS approached us to overhaul their brand. The resulting logo reconfigures the letters of the company name whilst subtly creating a one-eyed robot in a suit from the ‘O’ and ‘M’ to reflect how robotic automation can serve us. The red circle also references the Japanese flag.

Complex geometry and coloured smoke explosions were used as imagery to create an analogy to the speed and complexity of automated software. Additional bright colour accents highlight different software products. We also developed the strapline: Creative Automation.

The identity has been applied across print and digital formats, including a new multi-language website, office stationary, print brochures and exhibition stands.

OMKS logo design
OMKS brochure cover design
OMKS print brochure graphic design
OMKS business card design
OMKS website responsive apple devices
OMKS website design
OMKS website design wordpress